The New Year is coming soon and so will be an important election cycle. In California, our primary was moved up from June to Super Tuesday in March. This means we are already in gear reviewing ballot initiatives and (possibly) considering candidates.

Secondhand smoke has a huge effect on our dogs and other pets. The ASPCA did a study that found that it has had a 100-fold increase in harm over the past decade.

In 2019, we only stepped up to support San Francisco's Prop C - Regulating Vaping Law. The main proponent, JUUL, which is based here, to drop all its support for the proposition so it didn't lose the entire company...period. That said, Prop C failed overwhelmingly by over 80%!

PROPOSITION C - Vapor Products

Shall the City overturn the law passed by the Board of Supervisors suspending the sale of electronic cigarettes until they receive FDA authorization, and adopt new regulations on the sale, manufacture, distribution and advertising of electronic cigarettes in San Francisco?

Ballots castPercentage
YES 36,666 18.19%
NO 164,885 81.81%
Total 201,551 100%