kim alvarenga for sf district 11 supervisor

DogPAC ranked-choice endorsements of #1 Kim Alvarenga and #2 Francisco Herrera for District 9 Supervisor!

Kim Alavarenga is our #1 pick for this election due to her long years serving in government and advocacy groups brings higher marks for this endorsement. She has been a unwavering supporter for animal welfare and housing issues in both SF and Sacramento plus pedestrian safety, education, children, worker and LGBT issues. She is married to Linnette Peralta-Haynes and has a son, Oziah. She supports off-leash dog walking and recreation, and people and their furry companions in homeless shelters and Navigation Centers.

Francisco Herrera has been a solid advocate for homeless issues. He is solid in his stances on homelessness, affordable housing, public education among others. He supports animal welfare issues and off-leash walking.