kim alvarenga for sf district 11 supervisor

DogPAC ranked-choice endorsements of #1 Kim Alvarenga and #2 Francisco Herrera for District 9 Supervisor!

Kim Alavarenga is our #1 pick for this election due to her long years serving in government and advocacy groups brings higher marks for this endorsement. She has been a unwavering supporter for animal welfare and housing issues in both SF and Sacramento plus pedestrian safety, education, children, worker and LGBT issues. She is married to Linnette Peralta-Haynes and has a son, Oziah. She supports off-leash dog walking and recreation, and people and their furry companions in homeless shelters and Navigation Centers.

Francisco Herrera has been a solid advocate for homeless issues. He is solid in his stances on homelessness, affordable housing, public education among others. He supports animal welfare issues and off-leash walking. 

ronen district 9 supervisorDogPAC endorsement of Hillary Ronen for San Francisco District 9 Supervisor!

As a champion in understanding the plight and struggle to survive in San Francisco, and helping to allow homeless people and their furry companions in SF Navigation Centers, Hillary Ronen has earned our trust on animal welfare concerns and will continue this legacy in ensuring just decisions and support in her district and citywide.

Current D9 Supervisor David Campos, a dog guardian, has been a valued and supportive public official and friend of the large SF dog community as was his predecessor, former Supervisor & Assemblyman Tom Ammiano. Both are supporing Hillary Ronen.