COMING SOON!! We will be hosting a number of upcoming  seminars in December and in 2021 to introduce Kevin Behan's Natural Dog Training approach. Since we're all online now more seats will be open than our in-person events. Jenya Chernoff, a top protege of Kevin's, a lead member of the NDT-West, NDT NextGen Group and a prominent trainer and artist in her own right.

Here is a tidbit of the core essentials:

"There’s so much emphasis today on giving dogs mental stimulation, physical exercise, play dates, hiking groups, and tons of early and on-going training, but what is getting lost in all this activity is the notion of emotional rapport. Rapport isn’t trained or learned, it is developed. In the canine mind, rapport emerges by being part of a team. I call my method “Natural” because it understands the dog’s nature as a group hunter. A dog doesn’t work for pride in accomplishment, to earn respect from a leader, praise, rewards or even play or positive experiences. A dog wants to be part of a team. Everything in a dog’s life is secondary to this social drive. If a dog doesn’t have rapport, they have problems.” -Kevin Behan