On January 14, 2011, the National Parks Service (NPS) released a Dog Management Draft Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Study (Plan/DEIS) for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). The public comment period will end on April 14, 2011.

From their website: "The plan/DEIS evaluates the impacts of six alternatives (A – E and the preferred alternative) for dog management in 21 areas of GGNRA. The range of alternatives includes the consensus recommendations of the GGNRA Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for Dog Management, the 1979 Pet Policy, 36 CFR 2.15, and voice-control dog walking. The preferred alternative was chosen from the range of alternatives A-E."

The public comment period is now open for 90 days through April 14, 2011.

The concern dogs and their guardians will have is that less than 1% of visitors to all of the GGNRA are dogs with guardians. This fact makes it difficult to understand why a dog management plan is needed. Some of the environmental concerns are not well founded plus the presence of dogs in certain areas has actually helps strengthen the ecosystems there.

If you care about your freedom to visit our national recreation areas and parks as has been the case for many decades, please do diligence and submit your public comment so that you may help and continue open access with your well-trained furry family member. Help voice your companions' needs and ability to get the exercise and stretch needed for good health, for them to be able to participate in family outings, for them to socialize the best way without barriers and obstacles and and provide balance and stability of access not only in GGNRA but in San Francisco, too.

There will be more information upcoming soon. Please return here often for updates.